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Results Replaced Digitech Systems PaperVision and PaperFlow Unlimited users access Improved Scalability Content accuracy through validation Migrated over 30,000 documents Reused existing equipment Expanded records management without incurring additional costs Challenge Located in Toledo, Ohio, Davis College, a private, two-year college, must adhere to state and federal regulations regarding archiving of student records and transcripts. […]

When a group of university researchers decided to share their amassed geological knowledge online with free access to all interested, they faced a unique challenge. This knowledge was based on seismic images, huge pictures of the Earth’s crust created using special survey equipment, together with geological interpretation overlain on top. Even if you are an […]

It’s hard to think of the phrase “government initiative” without picturing the red tape that comes with it. Luckily, nobody understands this better than the government itself – which is why over 160 government agencies came together in 2003 to make at least one aspect of their work more manageable for American citizens. The project […]

Southwest Airlines has a reputation among its customers as being super friendly and very laid back. This cheerful attitude extends to the company’s vendors, who deal directly with their local Southwest office, rather than employees at the company’s Dallas headquarters. However, since invoices and other paperwork must eventually be processed at the main corporate office, […]

Evergreen Investments, the assets management division of Wachovia Bank, has offered clients sound investment strategies for seventy years. Such longevity is no accident. The company has maintained its edge by keeping up with the times, even as the times have changed swiftly. These days, Evergreen is the twentieth largest mutual fund company, with over $300 […]