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We’ve recently encountered an issue with a few of our Alfresco clients that are using Microsoft SQL Server as their backing database.   Over time, it appears that indexes on Alfresco tables can become heavily fragmented. Generally speaking, fragmentation of database indexes is completely normal and expected. However, the level of fragmentation we’ve been noticing […]

This article will provide a quick overview of the steps required to attach Eclipse as a debugger to an Alfresco environment. Once Eclipse has been attached to an Alfresco environment, it is easy to set up breakpoints in the Java code to assist with debugging efforts.   This example will be shown with Eclipse Kepler […]

With an application as deep and powerful as Alfresco, knowing where to start learning can be daunting, and finding the latest detailed product information can be equally challenging. New for 2014, we’ve put together an updated list of Alfresco educational resources for you, including the addition of some great items that weren’t yet available when […]

In part one we explored some strategies to address variability in the appearance of data within documents that might be captured by Ephesoft in document-level fields. But what if we’re trying to capture whole tables of data that might exhibit the same variability?   This may again seem to be a daunting challenge, but Ephesoft […]

Ephesoft offers a great toolkit for setting up extraction logic to automate the capture of information from scanned documents. But, sometimes the documents we’d like to feed into the system do not exhibit regular and reliable formatting, key words, or positioning, even if they are otherwise similar in content and subject matter. In these cases, […]