Zero Downtime Migrations: Less Effort, Fewer Errors, and Higher Confidence in the Result.

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Migration Workbench

Migration Workbench lets you easily perform complex migrations by enabling a revolutionary approach we call Zero Downtime Migrations. It does this through the use of a three breakthrough concepts:


  • Live to Live Migrations – Migration Workbench lets you migrate content while your users continue to work in your repositories. Our incremental migration engine will automatically update the target repository when data in the source repository is added, updated, or deleted.
  • Migration Rules – Unlike antiquated ETL tools, Workbench employs easy to use migration rules to control how metadata is mapped from the source to the target repository. Even business users can create rules to fix data problems that have been plaguing you for years.
  • Dynamic Cutover – Workbench can prioritize critical content to go live early while less important information is still being migrated. You can start using your new system as soon as your highest priority content has been imported – practically right away.
Migration Workbench