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Introduction Creative typography has long been unavailable to most designers on the web. We’re stuck with the same old boring fonts installed on all machines: Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, etc. However, recent advances in browser technology and typographic tools are affording us new opportunities. Font license permitting, with very little effort, you can now […]

Introduction Recent releases of the EMC Documentum platform have offered web content authors alternatives to creating content via the traditional Web Publisher template editor. Despite the alternatives, we have found that the tried and true method of creating content via the forms based templates is still the most widely adopted (and really, most powerful). As […]

Overview When you think of a web content management solution, you might envision a toolset that simplifies web content creation and maintenance for non-technical content authors. EMC Documentum fulfills this web content management vision through a suite of products. A basic Documentum web publishing environment configuration will utilize three Documentum products: Web Publisher, to simplify […]

Introduction Over the years Blue Fish has been asked to build Web Content Management solutions for a wide range of clients. With any WCM solution, our goal is to enable non-technical users to create and maintain a highly usable website. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 specifically mandates that government and government funded […]

Introduction Several of the articles on our website discuss the technical, business-related, and planning challenges inherent in migrating enterprise content from one repository to another. This article focuses on the unique challenges of migrating web content from one Web Publisher environment to another. We’ll identify the most common web content migration scenarios and discuss options […]