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When a group of university researchers decided to share their amassed geological knowledge online with free access to all interested, they faced a unique challenge. This knowledge was based on seismic images, huge pictures of the Earth’s crust created using special survey equipment, together with geological interpretation overlain on top. Even if you are an […]

Introduction As more and more applications reach out to a global audience, internationalization is becoming an increasingly important aspect of these applications. Since Endeca applications are focused on Information Access, considerations about internationalization are often critical success factors for these globally targeted applications. This article discusses a few of the challenges surrounding building effective internationalized […]

Introduction Endeca has thrived by continually updating their flagship search offering, the Information Access Platform, to keep ahead of the game in the arena of world-class search and navigation engines. And the upcoming version 6.0 is no exception. This article will describe some of the most notable enhancements in version 6.0 that you may be […]

It’s hard to think of the phrase “government initiative” without picturing the red tape that comes with it. Luckily, nobody understands this better than the government itself – which is why over 160 government agencies came together in 2003 to make at least one aspect of their work more manageable for American citizens. The project […]

Introduction Endeca pipelines can be deployed in any number of ways, though some ways are better than others. How you implement and deploy Endeca pipelines can impact the maintainability and sustainability of your solution, and a good, clean deployment process can reduce the risk of future complications early on. Thankfully, Endeca has recently introduced a […]