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We get asked a lot what it is that makes Blue Fish so unique. There are many special elements about our business, culture and team that I could mention but all of it tends to boil down to a single core belief – at Blue Fish, we believe our clients deserve to have their projects […]

Alfresco 4.2 has introduced a feature that allows some metadata queries to go against the database directly, instead of relying on a Lucene (SOLR) query. Why would this be useful? One of the main reasons is that the Lucene index with SOLR relies on eventual consistency. SOLR periodically performs a tracking query against Alfresco to […]

Alfresco provides a Search API for making queries against the Lucene or SOLR index.  The SearchService is utilized for making queries, and queries are built up using the SearchParameters class.  The SearchParameters class allows for adding one or more sort clauses when performing a search against SOLR.   The Alfresco Wiki provides a good introduction […]

Terence shows you how to disable SOLR tracking in order to help ease migrations of large amounts of content into an Alfresco repository. While working with clients, we’ve run into some issues with loading large amounts of data. So, we wanted to show you how we’ve worked around this. Watch now to learn how to […]

Are you interested in understanding the technical benefits of moving from Lucene to SOLR? Is your organization in the process of defining an Alfresco 4.x architecture where search will be a primary use case? Do you have large amounts of content that you’ll be importing into an Alfresco 4.x repository? Have you been struggling with […]