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We get asked a lot what it is that makes Blue Fish so unique. There are many special elements about our business, culture and team that I could mention but all of it tends to boil down to a single core belief – at Blue Fish, we believe our clients deserve to have their projects […]

Results Replaced Digitech Systems PaperVision and PaperFlow Unlimited users access Improved Scalability Content accuracy through validation Migrated over 30,000 documents Reused existing equipment Expanded records management without incurring additional costs Challenge Located in Toledo, Ohio, Davis College, a private, two-year college, must adhere to state and federal regulations regarding archiving of student records and transcripts. […]

Introduction With the release of Migration Workbench™, Blue Fish has changed the way we perform content migrations projects. Key new capabilities such as true incremental re-processing of changes, dynamic cutover, rules-based transformations, and live-to-live migrations have dramatically reduced the time and cost of even the most complex migrations. But our clients aren’t stopping there. These […]

Introduction A core component of the Migration Workbench product (aka, Workbench) is its embedded rules engine, which provides a language for expressing transformations on migration objects. To achieve the transformations often required in migration efforts, a user of Workbench will author migration rules that are intepreted and executed by the embedded rules engine. These rules […]

Introduction Migrating enterprise content from one system to another requires undertaking two separate yet intertwined migration efforts: moving the actual content files and moving the related data. When planning a migration initiative, it’s easy to overlook the data migration that is implied in the process. Yet the majority of problems encountered during content migrations are […]