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What Makes Us Different?

Getting it Right the First Time – How Hard Can It Be?

It turns out that software and IT projects fail way too frequently. According to industry analysts, over 25% of projects fail. In today’s world, would you be OK if your car broke down on every fourth commute? Or if your family doctor misdiagnosed your kid’s sickness 1/4 of the time? No, neither would we. And at Blue Fish we believe this is also unacceptable in the software world. We believe you deserve to have your project done right the first time and we have built our business model to ensure that it will be.

Deep Expertise

Blue Fish has been delivering software solutions for over 15 years and has helped some of the best brands in the world grow revenue, streamline processes, meet regulatory requirements, or create new products. Whether implementing an off the shelf application or developing a custom software solution, we approach every project with the same attitude – you deserve to have it done right the first time.

Fixed Price Projects

There are plenty of things you can’t control, but your project budget should not be one of them. Other firms charge on a time and materials basis and you pay for their estimation mistakes, their overruns, and even to fix things that they break. Simply put, we think that’s inappropriate. With our fixed-price commercial model, the price we agree upon is the price you pay – end of story.

Reusable Code Library

You want your project completed quickly but with high quality, and you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. With Bedrock, our reusable code library, you don’t have to. We bring Bedrock with us free of charge to every engagement, and you get to benefit from the clients that have come before you. Our reusable code library saves time and effort, keeps your fees low, and reduces risk. You can trust that it’s high quality, because it’s been tested and in production at other clients.

The Blue Fish Guarantee

To ensure that your project is done right the first time, we put ourselves on the hook to make sure that is the case. Every Blue Fish project has a period after go-live where we are there to support you and handle issues that might come up. For example, if a critical defect emerges that was not found during testing, we will take care of it. This accountability ensures that our team is focused on quality during the project, and gives you comfort that your solution will be rock solid when we are finished.